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Polyvore coords
littlekobaby wrote in sugar_punk_love

I got a little bit bored and made these to go along with a blog post I was doing last night, hope you guys like them!

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These are very cool indeed. I really need to try more stuff like this. Most of my non-lolita wardrobe is made up of boots and band shirts anyway!

Thanks! I know there's been a lot of drama about "scene" Lolita, but I really like this style, and to me at least it still looks Loli.

I've always thought about coordinating my regular stuff with my lolita (aka, well bandshirts mostly xD)

Ugh wasn't done yet, so this looks really cool :)

Thanks! If you do, make an outfit post, I'll be doing a few real soon!

It'll be a while before I have an outfit I'm brave enough to post, I've just decided to try my hand at some of these styles so I need to experiment a bit first :P But I'll keep an eye out for yours for inspiration :)

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