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Cute and Punky Finds?
Orange Marmalade, Ma Ri
marlin_of_time wrote in sugar_punk_love
First off, I saw this place– with the casual, punk, slightly-lolita look– and thought "I'M HOME." But it's so dead here. ;o;

So I'd like to open a topic of discussion.

What regular stores and places do you find cute clothes at? Any cool finds lately?

These are some things I picked up at Sears in the junior's department– and they still have them:

Love these shirts! They have a Putumayo vibe to them? Dunno, but they work great with punk print skirts.

(Been finding a lot of cool punk thing in the Sear's junior department these days, too.)

Also, are things always supposed to go in livejournal cuts or is out-in-the-open ok?


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