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bat face
Hi guys i just found this comm and i'm really sad it's kind of dead.

But i'm really happy that it's here because oh shit this is my life here!

Okay well it's what i really want to be in my life.

I'm a goth and a lolita. But i've been really interested in fairy kei but not the vomit inducing sweetness of it. So i was thinking of a darker more gothy punky type of fairy kei.

I think this is it.

I'd love to show you a picture of me but i don't have any on my laptop right now.

I'll be sure to post some pictures to get this up and running hopefully.

I don't know if anyone would care since it's mostly a lolita blog but i run a blog here


I just got the internet in my dorm to work so i'll post some more tomorrow after class.

Cute and Punky Finds?
Orange Marmalade, Ma Ri
First off, I saw this place– with the casual, punk, slightly-lolita look– and thought "I'M HOME." But it's so dead here. ;o;

So I'd like to open a topic of discussion.

What regular stores and places do you find cute clothes at? Any cool finds lately?

These are some things I picked up at Sears in the junior's department– and they still have them:

Love these shirts! They have a Putumayo vibe to them? Dunno, but they work great with punk print skirts.


(Been finding a lot of cool punk thing in the Sear's junior department these days, too.)

Also, are things always supposed to go in livejournal cuts or is out-in-the-open ok?

More inspiration from polyvore!
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Polyvore coords
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New members!!
Hey I just noticed we have a decent amount of members on here, please post/comment/anything!! This place is kind of dead and I still need moderators!!!

Polyvore coords
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New Community info
This is the begining of Sugar Punk Love! SPL is going to be a fashion and lifestyle oriented community, and I hope this community grows and becomes as popular as I know it can be.
First order of bussiness is this- I have little to no idea on how to run a community. I don't know how to make memory sections, polls, search functions or use moderating tools. I also have no clue on how to format or do layouts on LJ, I usually work on blogger, so this is all a bit new to me. If anyone is interested in helping out, please send me a message!!


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